Crewel Fabric DeDar Natural White Jute

Crewel Fabric DeDar Natural White Jute

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Inspiration: Inspired by a tall cedar (Cedrus deodara) native to the Himalaya Mountains and having drooping branches and dark bluish-green leaves, often with white, light green, or yellow new growth in cultivars. It is an important timber tree in India.

History: Dedar was highly revered in the Indian history. It was called Devadaru in Sanskrit and is highly valued for its appearance as well as its timber

Use: Furniture Manufacturers can use this fabric to address the needs of customers who love the nature

  • Fabric Type:Jute
  • Fabric Detail: Jute with Wool Jacobean Embroidery
  • Pattern:DeDar
  • Color:Natural White
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Vertical Repeat:27"
  • Horizontal Repeat: 13.25"
Artisans in a remote mountain village in Kashmir crewel stitch these blossoms, vines and leaves by hand, resulting in a lush pattern of richly shaded wool yarns on Linen, Cotton, Velvet and Silk.

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