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Crewel Fabric Konark Passion Red Cotton Velvet


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Manufacturer: MDS

Inspiration: Konark is a pattern inspired by a Sun Temple built in  1250 AD in the village of Konark
History: Konark was developed artisans in India The Konark Sun Temple takes the form of a huge chariot for the sun god Surya, with 12 pairs of stone-carved wheels and a team of seven galloping horses. The temple also symbolizes the passage of time, which is under the sun god's control. The seven horses, which pull the sun temple eastwards towards the dawn, represent the days of the week. The 12 pairs of wheels represent the 12 months of the year and the eight spokes in each wheel symbolize the eight ideal stages of a woman's day.
Use: Konark Crewel Fabric is for you if you want a beautiful Damask Pattern inspired by a magnificent piece of a world historical site. Suitable for Upholstery and Drapery. It Enriches our Living by bringing a piece of history into our homes.

  • Fabric Type:Cotton Velvet
  • Fabric Detail: Velvet with Wool Jacobean Embroidery
  • Pattern:Konark
  • Color:Passion Red
  • Width: 58 inches
  • Vertical Repeat:18"
  • Horizontal Repeat: 18"

Artisans in a remote mountain village in Kashmir crewel stitch these blossoms, vines and leaves by hand, resulting in a lush pattern of richly shaded wool yarns on Linen, Cotton, Velvet and Silk.


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