About Us

Crewel Fabric World offers world’s largest selection of Crewel Fabrics, Crewel Pillow Covers, Crewel Drapes, Crewel Window Treatments, Crewel Chain Stitched Rugs, Crewel Throws, Crewel Runners, Crewel Duvet Covers and many other Home Furnishings made with Crewel Wool Embroidery on Cotton, Silk, Velvet, Duck, Organza and Net fabrics online. Our Crewel Fabrics are hand made by artisans and craftsmen of Kashmir India for our parent company MDS Fabrics.

MDS Fabrics manufactures Crewel Fabrics for some of the prestigious Fabric Jobbers, Furniture and Bedding Manufacturers, Prestigious Retailers and Fashion Houses in the World.

Crewel Fabric World celebrates the art of Crewel Embroidery by making Crewel Fabrics available to Crewel Lovers all over the world. We directly ship to any country in the world using one of our many global distribution centers.

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